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Dark is the nation and insane the king!

Very much recently in the ongoing cluster of political star wars of characters resembling  sybarite and the empathetic personality  traits something striking happened in order to gain an upper hand over the opponent.Story revolves around Humayun Khan (American soldier) who was martyred approx 14 years ago in Iraq war.It is said that he was killed by a car bomber in Iraq who was moving towards the mess of  American soldiers,where hundreds of the other were having there meals and Humayun trapped him before he could reach out there and saved the lives of his counterparts.

Out of the blues,on 28 July 2016 appeared his father khizr khan who was seen doing interviews all over T.V. criticizing Donald J.Trump saying “if it was up to him,he never would have been in America”.He made an emotional plea to Americans to repudiate Trump.

But there arises some genuine questions,I mean what happened that awaked him after 13 years from slumber that too just BEFORE ELECTIONS crying out loud for his son.Out of the sudden we see that all the media is giving him surplus of coverage.All of the country’s prominent news papers like The Guardian, The Washington post is making headlines out of him.No media covered Humayun Khan  or  his family when he died in 2004,what happened  that now after 12 years media is making a hero out of him?

I mean,Khizr khan he never criticized the real culprits who were responsible for his son’s death.He never criticized bureaucrats who signed in  for Iraq war.All the scene created ,if it was genuine he would not have at first criticized Donald trump instead it would have been HILLARY CLINTON because she was the one who gave her consent for IRAQ war. Trump was nowhere near at that time. Khizr Khan spoke not a single word against her,that clearly specified that everything is going around a well scripted plot in which he and his wife Ghazala khan are merely pawns.If Trump says that he will forbid Muslims from entering America than how innocent are you Hillary who signed in for bombing Iraq.

Now Hillary is seen, being so much empathetic for the Muslim family.Why was not that empathy shown before 12 years when Muslims condition was much worst, particularly after 9/11,when they were stereotyped as terrorists and even now the media trial has not stopped around the world against Muslim.It now seems very much clear that Hillary is killing two birds with one stone.On one hand she is portraying herself as someone very much concerned for the Muslims,garnering Muslim vote bank and on the other hand  giving Americans the silent message that she has got what it takes to run the nation as unified.Politics of betrayal garnering pace in US.

Life is not about who is real to your face,it’s about who’s real behind your back…

(Atif Khan)