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Heavy rainfall unleashed the real glamour of MILLENNIUM city!

Monstrous rainfall has been consistent in the Delhi-NCR region for the past few days. While it has helped in bringing the temperature down, the city infrastructure hasn’t been kind to commuters.All the claims of the govt. regarding having a sophisticated drainage system washed out drastically.

Thursday, saw a heavy downpour, Gurugram traffic on National Highway 8 came to a dead-bumper-to-bumper-halt. Since NH8 was cut off, traffic moving towards Maharashtra and Jaipur was stalled especially on the Delhi-Jaipur stretch.


On Friday, around midnight, the water level rose to knee length, leaving commuters in their vehicles stranded.people have to cross the underpass being fully submerged in bacterial water of sewar.dengue has already given a knock in the capital and such poor drainage system will add further woes to the health condition of the public.


Delhi’s deputy CM Manish Sisodia tweeted that just by changing the name of the city to GRUGRAM it did n’t change the development status of the region(may be next time changing the STD code may work wonders lolz!).But before pointing out on others Aam Admi party leaders must have a insight into the condition of Delhi.DELHI is no better condition as compared to Gurgaon sorry ,GRUGRAM.The police station and BSES office in the New Friends colony was completely water logged.


Area outside the police station,New Friends Colony,New Delhi.