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Verdict of reuters about Zakir Naik

The society in which we are putting up that society has been enevated by the discern caste creed people if we are enervating society then we should have capability to maintain our treasure But due to some some politicos and red tapist person we have been moulded.

The reason is that we are not using our sense. They are really making discrimination between us they r giving the particular name of scaremonger like zakir naik and some other person. These people have gutts to change our society reign democracy secularisms these all are in titular form.

They do not have existancy now because of these bad parties they are allocating us for their individuality opulancy. EXACTLY I WANT TO TELL THAT HE IS NOT INFLUENCY THE MIND OF ANYONE. He is a layman who is supporting posthumous child waif child illigitimate child to whom we neglect and these politicose avoid them while they should have their responsibility to bloom them properly only they bloom their brats fill their satchel by embazzeling the public money .Now you decide who is the real convict they are or zakir naik.