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Germany holds first place for travel freedom, while Taiwan at 29th place

Taiwan, Teipei: According to a new index released Today by the British immigration and citizenship firm Henley & Partners, Germans hold the strongest passports, giving them visa-free access to 177 countries, while the Republic of China (Taiwan) is in 29th place, with visa-free access to 137 countries. Sweden is in second place for the second consecutive year, with visa-free access to 176 countries, according to the Henley & Partners’ 2016 Visa Restrictions Index, a global ranking of countries according to the number of other countries that their citizens can travel to without having to obtain a visa.

Since 2006, the Index has been produced in collaboration with the International Air Transport Association, which maintains the world’s largest database of travel information. The United Kingdom is in third place along with Finland, France, Italy, and Spain, with 175 countries accessible visa-free, according to the Index. The United States dropped from second place in 2015 to fourth place this year, tied with Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands, all of which offer access to 174 countries, the Index shows.

In the fifth ranking with Singapore is Japan, while South Korea ranked sixth, Malaysia 12th, Hong Kong 20th, and China and Cambodia tied at 87th. As for nations with the most limited travel, Afghanistan is ranked the worst in 104th place, with access to just 25 countries. Pakistan is second-worst, with travel permitted to 29 countries, and Iraq is third from the bottom, restricted to 30 other countries. Somalia and Syria are fourth and fifth from the bottom.

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