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Hillary & Trump are two different sides of same coin?

Whether it is Hillary or Trump anyone who will come to power will adhere to the same policies as carried by the previous successive presidents.The reign of Obama after Bush was just not the one the world was expecting out of him, especially the Muslims around the world.

One reason possibly can be that there was no withdrawal of the US Army from Iraq,instead there are about 4000-4500 active  troops still stationed in different states of the country, regularly cited by defense secretory Aston Carter. None of the two candidates even won’t  attempt to resolve the condition of Iraq and if questioned can come up with the excuse of US embassy security as there priority.

Sincere relationship with Israel will be of strategic importance for both of them. One of the major aspects of that is about 15 billion $ hefty amount exports from america to Israel along with other agreements such as free trade,bilateral tx treaty etc.Also there was a survey conducted which reveals a 20% chance of recession in America this year.With all these factors involved america will be keen to work in close collaboration with Israel whether it is Hillary or Trump as the President.

Trump portrays himself as the only person who can survive and revive American economy,that’s very much clear from his speeches and most of the Americans seems to be already lured into  accepting that.Trump praised Indian prime minister Narendra modi in an astonishing manner,it seems like he is working on the same lines as the latter,making use of hate speech at its best.Trump strategy is to garner votes from rest of America excluding Muslim demo-graph the same strategy which applied in 2014 elections in India.But that won’t pay off at least in America as people there are more liberal,developed(mentally and off-course country infrastructure!).Hillary looks to be a more prominent choice for presidential candidate as she is looking to carry on with the entire American demo-graph white ,Hispanic,black,Asian etc. LET’S say any of them to fill the vacancy,the growing racial attacks will definitely come down with the coming of a white president.

The stage is set for the third largest democratic elections in the world on NOVEMBER 2016…