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ISIS does not exist in India: Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat

New Delhi, 8 December 2015: The All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMMM), the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations, has stressed that the ISIS terrorist organisation does not exist in India and the reports carried by the media in this respect are baseless and misleading.

The AIMMM held here a jont meeting of its working committee and the central body where community, national and international issues were discussed. Members from various parts of the country participated in this meeting.

A press statement issued by the AIMMM general secretary and spokesperson Mr Masoom Moradabadi said that AIMMM has expressed its anguish over the unverified reports which are being leaked to the media in which security agencies are quoted to have claimed that ISIS is making inroads into the Indian Muslim community while the Indian government has repeatedly said that there is no proof of ISIS’ existence in India. Likewise, the spokesman of the Indian army in J&K has said that ISIS does not exist in Kashmir. AIMMM believes that these reports are published to spread suspicions about Muslim youth and thereby pave the way for their large-scale arrests. AIMMM asked Indian Muslims to be alert to such reports.

In another resolution, AIMMM expressed its anguish over the floods in Tamil Nadu and offered condolences to the victims. It exhorted the Muslim community to come forward to help the victims.

Members expressed their happiness and satisfaction that the term of the outgoing President of AIMMM, Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan, was very satisfactory. They acknowledged his feat of holding the very successful golden jubilee last August, and compiling and publishing the important AIMMM documents spanning over half a century.

AIMMM condemned the rising intolerance in the country, expressed satisfaction over Bihar election results and condemned the vicious statements about Tipu Sultan. A resolution condemned the ongoing cases of kidnappings and conversion to Hinduism of Muslim girls in Kushinagar district in eastern UP. The AIMMM decided to send a fact-finding mission to Kushinagar and to meet the UP CM in this respect.

Other resolutions condemned the atrocities against Dalits, disapproved the demand of Uniform Civil Code and condemned the Russian vitriole against Turkey which exercised its legal right by shooting down an intruding warplane.

The meeting was attended by Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, President, Janab Mohammad Jafar, Janab Mujtaba Farooq and  Janab Manzoor Ahmad IPS (retd), Vice Presidents,   Prof. Mohammad Sulaiman.  Janab Masoom Moradabadi and  Mufti Ataur Rahman Qasmi, General Secretaries, Janab Syyed Mansoor Agha, Dr. Syed Ahmed Khan, Janab Shah Faisal, Prof. Humayun Murad, Janab Irfanullah Khan, Janab Abdul Rasheed Agwan, Prof. Hakim Syed Zillur Rahman, Dr. Syed Mohammad Yahya, Janab Mohammad Ahmadm Janab Ejaz Ahmad Aslam, Dr. Shakil Samdani, Janab Aaris Mohammad, Janab Akhtar Husain Akhtar, Dr. Mohammad Shees Taimi, Dr. Jawed Ahmad, Dr. Taslim Rahmani, Dr. Ubaid Iqbal Asim, Janab Suhail Anjum, Dr. Nizamuddin, Janab Munir Ahmad Khan, Janab M. Ilyas Malik, Janab Mohammad Adeeb, ex-MP, Janab Navaid Hamid, Dr. Anwarul Islam, Dr. Mohammad Faiyyaz Qasmi and Janab Rasheed Ahmad Khan, IAS (retd.)

Following is the full text of the resolutions:


Politicians and mainstream media have coined the team “intolerance” to play down the bloody hate politics which received a fillip with the BJP winning last year’s general elections. Lynchings, riots, active discrimination and continuous negative propaganda against the Muslim and Christian communities are not just “intolerance”. These phenomena are much more serious and sinister. Civil Society should wake up to the implications and the end results of this fascist campaign which will be disastrous for our country just as fascism and Nazism destroyed Italy and Germany earlier. AIMMM registers that mere disapproval of sinister statements and bloody activities of Sangh Parivar people against Muslims and Christians is not enough. Unless stern action, dismissal of hate-purveying ministers, MPs and MLAs takes place and unless hate criminals are sent to jails, we will be justified to treat the soft disapproval as a case of division of labour and an attempt to hoodwink repeated foreign censure of the hate speech which has become a daily routine of Sangh Parivar leaders and followers.  AIMMM lauds the writers, poets and artists who have spoken, protested and returned their awards in protest against the rising intolerance in the country.


AIMMM congratulates Bihar voters for delivering a decisive blow to the BJP’s hate politics, also known as Gujarat Model, during the recent assembly elections. Hate politics’ march has been stopped for the time being as a result of the alert and secular Bihar voters.

Revival of terror politics

AIMMM is alarmed that unverified reports are being leaked to the press by security agencies claiming that ISIS is making inroads in the Indian Muslim community while the Government of India officially says that ISIS has no presence in India and the Army spokesman in J&K says that ISIS has no presence in the state. AIMMM believes that ground is being prepared to revive the wholesale arrests on mere suspicion which were the order of the day under NDA and UPA-1 but died down after Hindutva terrorists were exposed by Hemant Karkare following the Malegaon 2008 blasts. AIMMM cautions the Muslim community to be alert and frustrate these sinister designs. AIMMM also registers with satisfaction that the Indian community’s all shades of thought have unanimously condemned ISIS and Al-Qaeda etc as un-Islamic and have expressed readiness to fight it should it ever try to set foot on our soil.


AIMMM unevocably and unconditionally condemns all terror attacks including the Paris attack on 13 November. At the same time AIMMM reiterates that forces at home and abroad which create, train, fund and protect terror outfits like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram and LeT etc. should also be condemned, exposed and shunned. At the same time, AIMMM reiterates that freedom movements, now or in future, which wage Jihad to free their occupied lands like in Palestine today, cannot be called terrorists as it’s their birthright and duty to oust foreign occupiers from their soil and this right of occupied people is supported by international law.

Tipu Sultan

AIMMM pays tribute to the cherished memory of Tipu Sultan who was the first Indian ruler to stand up against the encroaching British occupation of India and fell martyr while fighting the colonialists at Srirangapatnam on 4 May, 1799. He was a ruler much ahead of his times. He introduced very advanced defence technologies like inventing the rocket, encouraged agriculture, trade and industry, opened trade offices in foreign countries and tried to form a coalition to fight the colonial power but he was let down by the short-sighted policies of the Nizam and the Marathas who sided with the colonial power. He was an ideal ruler and the first freedom fighter. AIMMM asks the Government and people of India to honour the memory of this great freedom fighter whose life and rule have been purposely maligned by the British.

Hindu Yuva Vahini’s terror in Kushinagar

AIMMM takes note of the active terror unleashed by the BJP MP Adityanath’s Hindu Yuva Vahini and sister militant outfits which have unleashed a reign of terror in Puruvanchal, especially in Kushinagar district, since 2013. These criminals are terrorising Muslims, initiating riots, kidnapping Muslim girls, forcibly converting them to Hinduism and marrying them off to Hindu boys. Only last April, 42 Muslim girls were abducted in this manner in the Kushinagar district. This is going on with police and administration’s connivance. AIMMM asks the U.P. government to wake up to its constitutional responsibilities, stop the terror of Adityanath’s goons, free and rehabilitate the abducted girls.

Muslim population growth

The recent furore over the alleged Muslim population growth has exposed the undemocratic and sectarian nature of the Sangh Parivar including BJP. While the decadal Muslim population growth has actually come down form 28 percent to 24 percent, wild claims are being made about the growth of Muslims, who make up only 14.4 percent of the Indian population. It is claimed that Muslim minority will overtake the 80 percent Hindus of the country within decades. This baseless and alarmist approach is part of the hate propaganda and the polarization game of the Sangh Parivar. It is regrettable that the Union government too became part of this cruel game by selectively and partially releasing census details.

Hindu Mahasabha leader’s abuse

AIMMM strongly condemns the highly objectionable statements by Kamlesh Tiwari, leader of the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha, against Islam and the holy Prophet. Such inflammatory statements clearly violate Indian laws and are meant to vitiate the communal peace and harmony with a plan to ignite communal riots. Strictest possible action, including banning Hindu Mahasabha should be taken by the U.P. state and Union government authorities.

Floods in South India

AIMMM offers deep sympathy and condolences to the victims of the worst floods in a century that have lashed Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Puduchery in recent days killing hundreds of people and devastating vast areas. AIMMM calls upon all, especially the Muslim community, to come forward to help the victims in all possible ways. It is a matter of satisfaction that mosques in many areas have been opened for victims whose houses are submerged or destroyed by the floods and that Tamil Muslim organizations are helping the victims.

Atrocities against Dalits

Crimes against Dalits, including lynching, burning them alive, torching their homes and active discrimination, especially in rural areas, have multiplied since the advent of the BJP government at the Centre last year. AIMMM asks the government and judiciary to take a serious look against these mounting crimes and punish the culprits. AIMMM demands the ban and criminalisation of the caste system as a prelude to ushering in an egalitarian society.

Uniform Civil Code

The slogan of “Uniform Civil Code” (UCC) is being raised again as a red rag to tease Muslims. AIMMM reiterates that, as far as the Muslim community is concerned, we refer to the assurances given by successive governments in and out of Parliament that no change in the Muslim Personal Laws will be made unless and until the same is demanded by the Muslim community. For those who love uniform civil code, a civil code already exists and they can opt for it. Any tinkering with the Muslim Personal Law, protected by the Shariat Act 1937, will be an assault on the Muslim community and will be resisted with full force. UCC is mentioned in the Constitution as one of the 16 Directive Principles. Let the champions of UCC work for other directive principles before dabbling in any community’s personal laws.

Jerusalem & Al-Aqsa Mosque

AIMMM forcefully condemns consistent Israeli attempts to change the demography of the West Bank, especially Jerusalem, by confiscating land and cancelling the residence rights of the Muslims of Jerusalem whose forefathers have continuously lived in the holy city since its conquest by Caliph Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) in 637 CE. AIMMM also condemns the Israeli attempts to occupy the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque with a view to divide it by fixing separate timings for Muslim and Jews to access the holy precinct which belongs solely to the Muslims. As an occupation power, Israel is strictly required to maintain the status quo. The AIMMM supports the ongoing intifada in Jerusalem against the Israeli occupation and atrocities.

Turkey’s self-defence

AIMMM expresses its moral support to Turkey which shot down a Russian military plane which violated its airspace despite repeated warnings before the plane was shot down and also on earlier occasions of violation of the Turkish airspace by Russian war-planes. AIMMM asks Russia to stop its vitriol against Turkey which acted within its legal rights to protect its airspace like any sovereign state in the world.

Source:The Milli Gazette

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