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ISIS planning to build a ‘state’ in Iraq and Syria

London: A leaked dossier of Islamic State terror group published on Tuesday in a leading newspaper show the sophisticated plans of the militant group in building a state in Iraq and Syria complete with government departments, a treasury and an economic programme for self-sufficiency.

The 24-page dossier outlines how the terror group is trying to build a state complete with guidelines for education, natural resources, industry, diplomacy, propaganda and the military.

The 10 chapter-long document titled ‘Principles in the administration of the Islamic State (ISIS) dated some time between July and October 2014, was obtained by the ‘Guardian’ newspaper.

It is written by an Egyptian called Abu Abdullah al-Masri and gives an insight into the well-funded regime and outlines how fighters must receive “training on bearing light arms”.

Charlie Winter, a senior researcher for Georgia State University told the newspaper: “Far from being an army of irrational, bloodthirsty fanatics, ISIS is a deeply calculating political organisation with an extremely complex, well-planned infrastructure behind it.”

Abdullah also calls for a single identity for the terror group to unite both foreigners and locals and makes the case for establishing independent “factories for local military and food production” in the dossier.

“The preparatory camp is the first home and school of the mujahid in which his military and jihadi training sessions take place and he undergoes sufficient education in matters of his religion, life and jihad,” says chapter three titled ‘Administration of the Camps’.

“The camp includes sharia sessions in fiqh of doctrine and rulings, with special sessions in Islamic society and manners, and training on bearing light arms and the principles of use,” it said.

It opens with the explanation that “on the expansion of the Islamic State, the state requires an Islamic system of life” and the document intends to “deal with each one of the many challenges and difficulties” in the establishment of an Islamic State.


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