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Pakistan is a vital problem for the US: Trump

United States, Wisconsin: Yesterday, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said that amongst all the presidential hopefuls only he can solve the problem of radical Islamic terrorism. During an interview with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, Trump termed Pakistan “a vital problem” for the United States (US) “because they have a thing called nuclear weapons”, adding, “They have to get a better hold of the situation.”

Trump had tweeted ‘I alone can solve’ after a suicide blast in Lahore on Sunday which killed at least 74 people. Explaining his earlier statement, he said: “When I see they [the attackers] put it [the bomb] in a park and there were mostly Christians although many others were killed…I think it is absolutely a horrible story,” said Trump. “But I am talking about radical Islamic terrorism. I will solve it better than anyone else running,” he claimed. The Lahore attack was condemned by other politicians and celebrities around the world, many of whom took to social media to express sorrow and anger over the tragedy.

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