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The attack on the Tanzanian student was a not a racial attack: Karnataka home minister

India, Bengaluru: The Karnataka home minister ‘G Parameshwara’ said today, the attack on the Tanzanian student was a not a racial attack. It was in response to an earlier incident. As the state government launched a damage-control exercise to quell a brewing political storm. He also refuted the woman’s allegation that she was stripped by the mob.

He also said that this incident would not have taken place had the Sudanese not killed somebody in the accident. He added,  “The five accused are being interrogated by the police officials. We have already informed the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) about it and the allegations that their clothes were torn off and they were paraded naked have not been verified as per the investigation so far”.

Parmeshwara also said that more arrests would be made when the people in the mob are identified and added that this matter would not be taken casually. He added, “There are 12,000 foreign students in Bangalore itself. Their protection and their pursuit of education is our duty, especially the Home Minister. But this kind of incident should not happen”.

Parmeshwara further said there are times when foreign students stay even after their passports get expired and, therefore, they are going to pursue such cases. Giving details about the accident, the Home Minister said that Sudan’s Mohd. Ismail was driving the car under the influence of liquor and then he hit K. Sanaullah and his wife. “The woman died on the spot. Sanaullah was injured and he was taken to the hospital. In the incident, Ismail was also injured. During this time, around three to four people gathered and set the car on fire,” he said.

Minister also said, “Near the spot, some students were coming in a car. Jamaal Ibrahim, the driver, and a Tanzanian student and others were then attacked by the mob”. He further said that the DGP and Commissioner went to the spot today and also spoke to the students  and the case has been transferred to the Central Crime Branch. Parmeshwara also asserted that the state government would provide protection to the foreign students, but if they do anything against the law of the land then it’s a different issue.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah earlier said that he has spoken to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and given her a factual report about the incident. He said,  “I have instructed the DGP to inquire into the matter if there is any delay in registering the complaint or not”. He added, “The case is already registered and five accused have been arrested. Yesterday, Sushma Swaraj spoke to me and I have given factual report to her”. Swaraj had yesterday condemned the attack on the Tanzanian student and asked for stringent punishment for the guilty.


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