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The Wisdom of Friday prayer (Hikmat e Juma)

The prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wasalllam) said, “The best day that the sun rises is Friday, on it, Adam (AS) was created and, on it, he entered Paradise, and on it, he exited.”(Muslim)

In fact in Islam all days are equal but Friday is called the head of all days(Sayyadul ayyam).The edge of Friday on all days is evident and  is corroborated by the fact that there is one complete surah in Quran called Surah Juma.Our creator says,”O you who believe! when the call is made for prayer on Friday, then hasten to the remembrance of Allah and leave off trading; that is better for you,if you know” which speaks volumes about the day’s importance in the life of this Ummah.Our prophet says if anybody leaves three Juma prayers consecutively without any valid reason, Allah seals the heart of the person meaning he is no longer going to receives the light of the guidance which is the worst divine punishment that any person can get ever.

In three different ayaat of Quran Surah Saf, surah Tauba and surah Fateh, Allah elaborates the objective of prophet Muhammad (SAW) prophethood.He says it is He who has sent the messenger with true way of life (Deen e Haque) so that he established His way of life over all the other way of life. This should be clear here that this objective was not entrusted to any other prophets than prophet Muhammad (SAW) by our creator. This is the basic difference between Muhammad (SAW) and other prophets like Ibrahim,Hood,Saleh,Musa,Issa(peace be upon them all).We all know that Muhammad (S A W) is the last prophet and no more prophets is going to come till last day of this world. All the prophets were given duties to deliver the message of Allah but Muhammad (SAW) stands apart in one exclusive duty and that was he was to establish the final way of life (Deen e Haque) on the land of Arabia in particular and on the globe as a whole. For this duty to implement there was requirement of people and without people resource it is impossible to bring about total revolution as this world requires efforts to bring about the desired result. Now the question arises from where the people should be gathered? The people are neither to be purchased from markets nor Malls. We know that many battles were fought in early Islam like the battle of Badr, battle of uhad and other battles and the people for this battle were already trained in all walks of life .These people preferred and loved to die than to save their precious life for the sake of Allah. The medium of their training was nothing but Quran. In fact this Quran pulls normal unperveted people towards it like magnet pulls iron towards it.

In surah Juma Allah says “it is He who raised among the inhabitants of Mecca an Apostle from among themselves, who recites His communications and purifies them, and teaches them the book and the Wisdom.”Accordingly Muhammad (SAW) used to propagate the ayaat of Quran and those who got attached to it were hammered into them the Quran which purified them from all the impurities. Actually today we need to do the same as our prophet did to propagate the Quran and this will  pull the normal unperverted people towards it and purify them from the wrong notion, wrong belief, wrong ideals ,materialism,socialism,realism etc.When this Quran enters into the heart of a person his ills disappears. As per Allama Iqbal, when this Quran enters the heart of the person he changes completely, his values, his thinking, and his yardstick everything changes from within. In fact, the Quran is panacea to the disease of the heart and the mind. This kills the lust of this world, fame, worldly ambition etc.For the twelve long years of Meccan life what Muhammad (SAW) did. It was purely the propagation of ayaat e Qurani and through it the purification of soul and mind of the people around him.

This must be remembered that what makes Jumaa prayer special in all the prayers, it is solely the Khutbaa e Jumaa.In khutba e juma ,Muhammad (SAW) used to recite Quran and this Quran ultimately purified people mind and soul and these purified people were ready for the supreme objective for which prophet Muhammad (SAW) was sent. The supreme objective was establishment of His Deen (true way of life).But Alas! Today in maximum number of mosques everything except Quran and Sunnah is talked by our Ulemas.Maximum we see Ulemas recites one or two ayats of Quran in the beginning of the talk then they seldom talk on the wisdom of the ayaats they recite and correlate them to present day scenario. Obviously, the people who were addressed by our prophet was aware of Arabic language and Quran is also in Arabic so the talk went directly into their hearts but here majority of us don’t know Arabic language so we find difficulty in understanding Quran directly. The need of the hour is to elaborate the essence of the aayats of Quran being recited before Khuteb e Juma at the level of the audience present which in turn will insh a Allah purify us from the impurities discussed and make us ready for the duty of “amar bil maaruf nahi anil munkar”.make us keep away from differences and disintegration among ourselves.

The main essence of Friday is to spread the message of Quran. Today, if we are disintegrated and suppressed because we have left taking lessons from Quran and doing what Quran asks us to do. Let our present day Ulemas revive the main essence of the wisdom of Friday. (By Shahnawaz Ahmad)


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