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US Imams, Rabbis, and Clergymen come together to support Islam

New Orleans: In an effort to combat the growing anti-Islam sentiment toward Muslims in the United States, religious leaders of Jefferson Parish in New Orleans held a public meeting to cultivate interfaith support, Morocco World News reported.

According to a video made by local station WDSU News, more than 30 members of the east Jefferson Interfaith Clergy Association met and issued a statement of support to the Islamic faith.

Rabbis, Clergymen, and Imams came together to voice their support for the Muslim community that has recently been the subject of “xenophobia”, as Rev. Ronald Unger stated to WDSU. Religious leaders of Jefferson Parish came together to address anti-Muslim sentiment and express their solidarity with the Muslim community.
The anti-Islam backlash has been proliferated recently in the United States due to the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California and racist remarks made by Donald Trump, who wants to ban Muslims from entering into the US.

The religious leaders made a statement saying that religious freedom is at the core of the American nation. The group also said in solidarity with Muslims, “attacks on Muslims or any other religious or ethnic groups is an attack on every one of us and our principles.”
“All of us have been repulsed and concerned about the level of rhetoric in our country from a variety of politicians and from all sorts of people simply labeling and stereotyping the men and women of the Islamic faith,” said Rabbi Robert Loewy of Gates of Prayer.

From his part, Imam Abdur Rahman Bashir of Abu Bakr Mosque said that terrorists use Islam as a pretext to justify their acts and indoctrinate those who do not know much about Islam.
“Groups like ISIS and Al Qaida and those who danced to their tune are determined to manipulate and exploit the true teachings of Islam to fill their agenda of terror and to create havoc through the world,” Bashir said in a public announcement.

The Muslim leaders at the event called on whoever wants to learn about Islam to come to their mosque and they will teach them how they practice the faith
“We are united and we will work together against intolerance and work together to promote social justice, peace, and security,” he added.


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