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US led Airstrikes are killing innocent civilians in Syria

SYRIA : Since,the outburst of Syrian civil war lakhs of people have lost there homes,and there is no prominent figurative data to determine the exact mass killings that’s on rampage since 2011.

The US-led coalition carried out several airstrikes on the city of Bukamal in Deir Ezzor province, killing dozens there including children.Xinhua reported quoting Syrian national TV.
Bukamal has long been under ISIL control and US-led coalition has been conducting airstrikes over the area.
The US coalition has been striking ISIS positions in Syria since September 2014. A year later, Russian air force also started bombing the terror group’s positions in Syria.
The Syrian government has repeatedly dismissed US airstrikes as ineffective, while hailing Russian raids as crucial in curbing the momentum of terror groups in the war-torn country.

Both Russia and US seems to be very cautious of the situation,as Syria can be detrimental in curbing the security of US and may give rise to a new superpower,as US-RUSSIAN rivalry reaches the pinnacle of cold war.