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US:Indian Muslim baffled over Islamophobic remarks outside shop-

 As a result of growing intolerance , a 60-year-old Indian-origin Muslim man’s auto  shop in the US was painted with Islamophobic slurs like “go home Indian” and “I will kill you”  outside the shop . Dr Waqar  Ahmed’s shop in Nevada, was sprayed  with graffiti in what is now being investigated as a hate crime.

Dr Ahmed said he has heard the taunts before and experienced attacks on his Indian heritage and Muslim faith in the past, but never anything quite like this ever happened. The County Sheriff’s office said the hateful graffiti was discovered last Sunday in front of the shop. The wall was spray painted with derogatory words against the owner’s religion. Words like ‘go home Indian’, ‘foreigner go home’, ‘I will kill you’ and ‘I will get you’ were also scrawled on the walls of his shop.

“I had a guy tell me once to go back to my third world country. I had to tell him what India was,” Ahmed was quoted as saying by KSNV-TV. No suspects have been identified  for malicious destruction of property. “I hate to think that kind of thing is going on in Nye County and we’re going to do everything we possibly can to stop it, if it does,” Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly was quoted as saying by KTNV-TV.