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You will definitely change your career after reading this!!

Indian MP’s enjoy’s a base salary of Rs 50,000 per month and is entitled to a pension of 20,000 per month. If an MP serves as a member for a period exceeding five years, there pension increases by 1,500 for each additional year of service. In addition, MPs are compensated for official expenses as follows:

Daily allowance of 2,000 for each day of attending Parliament. Parliament has three sessions every year. The Budget Session (February to May), Monsoon session (July to September), and Winter session (November and December).Constituency allowance for expenses incurred in the constituency of 45,000 per month and Office expenses of Rs 45,000 for staff (limit of 30,000), stationery and postage(15,000) per month.MP’s wage s are tax-free and comes with additional perquisites such as free petrol, free telephone calls , free housing. furniture, electricity, water, laundry. MPs can travel anywhere in the country by rail, first class, and get 35 free air tickets for themselves or a companion a year.

Each MP gets near-free electricity of 50,000 units every year. And free water.
The MP’s bungalow is furnished — with air conditioners, refrigerators and television sets — free of cost. Maintenance of the house — including washing of sofa covers and curtains — is done free of cost by the government.
MPs are entitled to three phone lines and 170,000 free local calls every year.
When an MP travels abroad officially, he is entitled to free business class air tickets. He is also paid a daily travelling allowance, which varies depending upon the country being visited.
Most medical expenses of MPs are taken care of by the Contributory Health Service Scheme of the Union government.