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EgyptAir hijacked, plane diverted to Cyprus

Egypt, Cairo: Today, an EgyptAir passenger plane, which flying from Cairo to Alexandria was hijacked. Plane is diverted to Cyprus, where it landed at Larnaca airport on the south coast, Cypriot police and Egyptian civil aviation authority official said. The airport officials said, Egyptian civil aviation and police sources said flight MS181 was hijacked by one person and that there are about 60 people on board the Airbus jet. The airport has been closed and a crisis team has been deployed to the site.

Airport security sources said the passengers on board the flight included eight Britons and 10 Americans. EgyptAir said it had negotiated the release of all passengers, but at least four foreigners and the flight crew remain onboard the hijacked flight. An AFP correspondent at the scene says five more people wearing what appear to be crew uniforms could be seen leaving the aircraft. About 15 to 20 people remain onboard the plane, a Cyprus foreign ministry official said

An Egyptian government spokesman said the hijacker wanted to go to Istanbul but was told by the captain that he did not have enough fuel for the journey. EgyptAir is offering those concerned about their loved ones possibly on the hijacked flight several telephone numbers to call for more information. EgyptAir says those within Egypt can call their emergency centre at 0800 7777 000, while those living abroad can call +20 2 259 893 2029.

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