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Nepali former PM Sushil Koirala is no more

Nepal, Kathmandu: Today, according to Sushil Koirala’s docter, the former prime minister (PM) of Nepal former prime minister Sushil Koirala died in Kathmandu aged 77 after a bout of pneumonia. He suffered from chronic bronchitis and was diagnosed with pneumonia last week his doctor, Kabirnath Yogi, said. “He was taking medicines and was even showing improvements yesterday, but at 11 last night his condition suddenly deteriorated,” said Yogi, an associate professor at Kathmandu’s Teaching Hospital. Yogi said, “He passed away at 12.50 before the ambulance arrived”.

Koirala, who was Nepal’s premier from February 2014 to October 2015, faced heavy criticism for his government’s sluggish response to a massive quake that devastated the Himalayan nation last April, killing nearly 9,000 people. Koirala headed the country’s biggest political party, the Nepali Congress, and was tasked as premier with writing a long-delayed new constitution to complete a stalled peace process and bring stability to the war-torn nation.


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