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Turkey provides education for 300,000 Syrian refugees

Sanliurfa, Turkey: Turkish Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Education Yusuf Buyuk said on Wednesday that the government makes available of education for some 300,000 Syrian refugees, Anadolu Agency (AA) reported.

The official told AA that great efforts had been made to integrate Syrians into the education system in the country’s 81 provinces.

Buyuk reiterated that Turkey is currently hosting nearly 2.5 million refugees, and it has spent around 8 billion euros ($8.73 billion) on providing for the refugee population since 2011.

He said that the Syrian students attended public schools and temporal education centers in refugee camps and city centers. “They are our guests. They have rights to education under both national and international law”, Buyuk said.

He added that Turkey plans to integrate more Syrian children into schools. “Until the end of the school year, we will integrate 150,000 more Syrian children into the schools”, he said, adding that the Syrian university students need not pay the entry fee.


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